Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Games Recap

In 2008 I managed to play a total of 31 new games (28 if you don't count the 3 expansions). I'm quite chuffed by that. And also by the fact that I achieved a life long dream of using "chuffed" in a blog post. Twice.

To see which of these games were my favourites, mosey on over here.

Here's the list:

Date First PlayedGame  
January 18Kings KeepReviewBGG
February 1Loopin' LouieReviewBGG
February 1BohnanzaReviewBGG
February 1FamilienbandeReviewBGG
February 1San MarcoReviewBGG
March 7DemocrazyReviewBGG
March 7CarcassonneReviewBGG
March 7Set!ReviewBGG
March 7Wits & WagersReviewBGG
March 13The Pillars of the EarthReviewBGG
March 13Ca$h 'n Gun$ReviewBGG
March 17Catan Card GameReviewBGG
March 23StarCraft: The Board Game-BGG
April 4Race for the GalaxyReviewBGG
April 17Catan Card Game ExpansionReviewBGG
May 2Maka BanaReviewBGG
May 2Hoity ToityReviewBGG
June 6Liar's DiceReviewBGG
June 14The Pillars of the Earth Expansion SetReviewBGG
July 4Reiner Knizia's Amazing Flea CircusReviewBGG
July 12Caylus-BGG
September 5The Princes of FlorenceReviewBGG
September 5Zombie Fluxx-BGG
October 3Power GridReviewBGG
October 18LöwenherzReviewBGG
October 25Puerto RicoReviewBGG
November 7Tigris & EuphratesReviewBGG
Decembe 5Ticket to RideReviewBGG
December 5Monty Python Fluxx-BGG
December 26Agricola-BGG
December 27Carcassonne - the Tower-BGG


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