Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Brother 08 - Week 8 Recap

A clever and amusing task twist, along with the eviction of Knobbi were the highlights of Week 8 in the Big Brother house.

  • Beginning with last Sunday, and after the lamest treasure hunt in recorded history, the HMs discovered the $250,000 prize money hiding in the Diary Room chair.
  • In another pointless gimmick, evicted HMs get to pass their share (which begins at $25,000 initially) to the HM of their choice upon eviction. Why? It all ends up with one person anyway. If the prize money were divided between the final 2 HMs, then that would make it interesting.
  • Monday's nominations saw Cherry and Terrence lead the pack with 5 points each. Rory and Alice followed them with 4 points. Knobbi saved Rory from the chop, only to replace him as a nominee along with Malibu and Terri.

    Just while we're on nominations, why is that nominated housemates (and Big Brother for that matter) refer to themselves as being "up for nomination"? All HMs are up for nomination (unless exempted like newly arrived intruders). Once you've been nominated you are then up for eviction. Get it right!

  • The HMs were told their task for the week was to "paddle" a canoe (on wheels) away from a shark before the protective net drops all the way after the shark alarm sounded.
  • Knobbi and Bianca were then told the shark task wasn't real, and to pass this week, the pair had to join the Secret Order of Moon Monks and secretly worship the moon in a ritual at 2 o'clock every morning. Bianca was given a watch to aid with this task.
  • The Moon Monks also had to avoid direct sunlight, so as a cover story, in front of other HMs, Bianca challenged Knobbi not to go out in the sun all week.
    Bianca and Knobbi succeeded with their secret worship on night one, completing their secret handshake and chanting undetected.

    On another side note, the task was great. It had the humour factor, along with the suspense factor making it great viewing.

  • On Tuesday, Knobbi finally relented and bought the hair straightener from the vending machine to shut the women up.
  • Cherry became the third Moon Monk and the second ritual went off undetected.
    Some dirty laundry was aired at Wednesday night dinner, with Rory and Cherry claiming each was the most untrustworthy, and Alice stating she thought Ben was going under the radar.
  • In more spa pashing, Travis was horrified to be on the receiving end of a major snog from Alice.
  • Knowing the shark task was fake, Knobbi embarked on a campaign to sabotage it, much to the annoyance of the other HMs who wanted food next week. Sure Knobbi needed amusement, but he rather recklessly risked his own task by sabotaging the shark task.
  • Alice joined the other three Moon Monks for another successful worshipping session in the early hours of Thursday.
  • Flirting was the go on Thursday as Ben & Bianca, and Cherry & Malibu spent time together. Cherry, however, later told Big Brother he and Malibu had "pulled the pin" on their relationship and were "just friends". Aha.
  • In an evil twist, Big Brother added two new HMs to the Secret Order of the Moon Monks: Terri and Malibu. With 6 HMs in the Order, and only 4 unaware of its existence, things became much trickier for the worshippers' plans. Somehow, they got away with it.
  • In FNL, the HMs participated in Bogan Night Heavy Metal Night. The semi final saw the four remaining HMs in an air guitar competition. The judging was completely arbitrary as Malibu and Travis made it through.
  • Malibu was victorious and as a reward, took Travis, Alice and Terri in to the BB Cinema to see her favourite movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
  • Friday also saw Terrence become the final Moon Monk and despite Big Brother playing the shark siren in the middle of their worshipping, the 7 Monks were not caught, and returned to complete the ceremony successfully, passing the task. Well done to the Moon Monks I say,
  • Malibu continued her nasty attitude towards Terrence and her flirting with Cherry, though she somehow didn't see it as flirting. She really is simple.

    On eviction night, Alice, Terrence and Cherry were removed to one eviction room, while Malibu, Terri and Knobbi were sent to another. We were then shown a graph that displayed one HM as having 66% of the eviction vote. KyJO speculated as to who it could be, which was rather farcical as we all knew it was Knobbi.

    After having earlier removed references from the official website regarding a particular incident of willy exposure in the spa, the speculation from certain other sources (ie. eyeonbigbrother.com) forced KyJO into "discussing" the incident on TV with Knobbi in an obvious attempt to show they had "dealt with it". Rather pathetic really, and even though the incident was later to be discussed with Knobbi on Big Mouth, all Knobbi got was a proverbial and friendly smack on the hand.

    After padding the show out further while certain housemates were saved, it was finally time for Knobbi to get his arse kicked out of the house. Sayonara sunshine.

    For once I wish Gretel were back hosting because she would have torn into Knobbi rather than the Kyle-love and Jackie-lameness that he got. Aargh. The BBUK crowd would have booed him all the way home, which is what he really deserved.
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