Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Brother 08 - Week 6 Recap

Yes! It's official! Finally, the view I've maintained all along has become the majority view of BB viewers everywhere. Knobbi is indeed a nasty, slimy, lying piece of filth.

I'm just surprised it's taken some people this long to realise it.

He has been, of course, aided by the selective editing of the BB producers who have, until now, protected Knobbi and his bullying ways.

No longer however. Knobbi's bullying of Travis has finally been confronted and placed front and centre for all to cringe at.

Before I rant further, let's take a moment to go back through the week.

  • The first of the old-style nominations took place on Day 36, with Alice, Malibu and Bianca as the inaugural nominees.
  • Dixie's Housemate Hand Grenade saved Alice for the 3rd time this series, though Alice didn't find out until eviction night.
  • Replacing Alice as nominees were Terri and Renee.
  • Not surprisingly, the intruders were a hot topic of conversation, with the other men distancing themselves from Cherry in an obvious power play.
  • The weekly task was to ignore the obvious. Big Brother organised some rather amusing events that the HMs found a little too hard to ignore. Ben discovered a children's car ride in place of the Diary Room chair, Malibu sat on Santa's lap, while Terrence plonked himself down on a pavlova.
  • Knobbi completely failed to ignore a marching band that entered the garden as he and Ben became the major culprits in failing the task.
  • Bianca saw her brother and his girlfriend on the plasma, and couldn't ignore that either.
  • On the morning of Day 37 (Tuesday), the HMs woke to find the house filled with suds.
  • Bianca and Renee were still not talking after their clash on Sunday night, and Renee had even more reason to be frustrated when Bianca crashed the "boys' day" in the kitchen.
  • Ollie was replaced by a toy dog for the ignore the obvious task, leading to more window washing for Knobbi after he was punished for animal cruelty when he bounced a ball on the toy's head.
  • Terri started to teach Malibu how to knit. She'll make a nanna out of Malibu yet.
  • Bianca swiped $2,000 worth of "free cash" that BB left in the kitchen, rationalising that the house had already lost the task so she might as well take it. BB made her give it back.
  • Knobbi reprimanded Travis for talking to Alice about the lies the men spun about Alice hating Travis. In an effort to further assert his dominance, Knobbi threatened not to be Travis' friend anymore because of his so-called betrayal.
  • Cherry told BB he wanted to tap Malibu like a horse. I'm surprised he's not fitting in with Knobbi and friends with an attitude like that.
  • In a truth or dare game in the spa on Day 39, the Knobbi/Travis/Alice situation finally came to a head. Knobbi set things in motion, and had he known the fallout he may not have made the same decision again, because the person who is going to lose the most from this is Knobbi himself.
  • After asking Travis who his least favourite original housemate was, Knobbi and Rory encouraged Travis to say Alice, much to Knobbi's joy.
  • Alice cried, Travis cried, and Knobbi lied.
  • Alice justifiably chastised Knobbi for ridiculing Travis.
  • Travis finally realised he'd been used by the kombi boys and had been set up. Finally Travis, finally!
  • On the following day, Friday, Knobbi was called to the Diary Room twice. The first time was to explain himself. Knobbi said he felt no remorse. The second time, Big Brother laid down the law (why it took this long I will never know) and reprimanded Knobbi for the ridiculous haircut he gave Travis, the shower gel incident, and the spa incident. Knobbi was told to stop picking on Travis.
  • Friday Night Live was Superhero Night. Unfortunately, Knobbi the Super Tosser won after defeating Bianca in the final. This means he can save himself if he is nominated next week, and he probably will be. Our only hope is that he comes fourth in the nominations, and will thus be up regardless after he saves someone else.
  • Knobbi won a trip on BB airlines as part of his FNL prize, and he chose Rory, Ben and Bianca to go with him.
  • After a nine hour flight, the four travellers arrived at the City Dump, and of course Knobbi lamented his poor fortune once again. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  • Ollie returned to the house for one last goodbye.
  • In no shock to anyone, the HMs were told they had failed the ignore the obvious task.

    The eviction show then rolled around on Sunday night, with Mike Goldman standing in for Kyle once again.

    We saw the return of on stage interviews with the "loved ones" now that the posiible evictees are known prior to eviction night, and I for one am happy. I enjoy seeing the family and friends of the HMs on eviction nights, especially when they are reunited, though we didn't see this on Sunday.

    After informing Alice she was safe, and Terri and Renee they were nominated, it came time for the decision. Terri was told she was saved first, and then Malibu. It came down to Bianca and Renee.

    As predicted last week, Renee did indeed fall from the lofty heights of favourite to win the series, to evictee. Had she not had the argument with Bianca, she would almost certainly still be in the house. Bianca, for her part, ws stunned that she was still there. I can't see her lasting too much longer, but she does have the nomination buffer of the intruders, along with Knobbi who should in all reasonableness be evicted before her.
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