Thursday, June 12, 2008

BBUK Musings

Six or so days in and I and The Giggling One are loving Big Brother UK as usual. The wedding task was a corker - setting housemates against each other right from the start.

But it's one particular HM I wanted to blog about very quickly.


I had to leave her in a paragraph all to herself just in case she attacks the rest of this post.

Admittedly, I've only seen the last series (8) of BBUK as well as part of the very first one, but Alexandra has to be the most aggressive, nasty, rude, sour person I've seen.

She dishes out criticism wherever she thinks it's warranted (and she believes it's warranted just about everywhere) but can't take it when the target of her attacks tries to defend themselves, or worse attack her back.

Take the chip incident a couple of nights ago. To her credit, Rebecca had a crack at helping with dinner by cooking the chips. She didn't do a very good job, but most HMs ate them without comment.

Not Alexandra. She commented to Sylvia about how Rex should do all the cooking from then on (he's a chef) and continued her tirade against the cooking. Alexandra went on the attack again after dinner, and when Becs tried to defend herself Alex just shouted her down.

Then, when Rachael and Stephanie try to defend Becs as well, Alexandra just shifted her attacks to them and took them down as well.

If you even dare to have a go at Alexandra, she'll launch another verbal assault, and when she runs out of new things to say she'll repeat herself again before finishing off with personal insults. And then she'll tell you to remember she said so.

Alexandra is this year's Charlie, but even worse if that's possible. Given the reaction of the eviction crowds to Charlie last year, I fully expect to hear chants of "Get Alex out!" on Friday nights.

Edit: Yep I was right. During the first eviction, the chants of "Get Alex out!" were so overwhelming that Davina had to go into the studio to talk to the house lest they be influenced by the chanting.

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