Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How disappointment!

Awaiting me when I arrived home tonight was a box from FRP Games.

Woohoo! The Pillars of the Earth Expansion had arrived!

Eagerly opening the box I discovered that waiting under the fluffy white stuff inside was not, in fact, The Pillars of the Earth Expansion, but The Pillars of the Earth.

Yes, they sent me the original game instead of the expansion. Nice, but wrong. And I already have the original game.

I've sent a nice email (well, nice-ish and peppered liberally with exclamation marks) to FRP Games and asked if they would kindly send me the expansion as I had ordered (I doubled checked and yes, I did order the expansion).

So all that excitement for an anti-climactic ending. Let's hope they rectify the situation quickly.

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