Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big Brother 08 - Week 9 Recap

The kombi and the train station were the focus of week 9 in the BB house.

  • After being evicted, Knobbi threw his Housemate Hand Grenade at Terri, sending her to replace him in the kombi. In a further twist, Terrence was banished to the kombi as well.
  • Terri and Terrence became the Grey Nomads, and showed their age when they couldn't work out how to answer the kombi's mobile phone.
  • The weekly task was all about trainspotting. The housemates had to pair up and wait at the Big Brother station (the stage in the back yard) until their (toy) train came along. They then had to memorise the number on the train.
  • Malibu and Ben took the first shift on the train platform as business commuters.
  • In keeping with the humour of the task, Big Brother made announcements by tannoy.
  • Nominations took place, of course, on Monday. Terrence (6 points), Rory (6) and Malibu (5) were the nominees, but as the winner of FNL, Malibu saved herself. Bianca (3 points) replaced her as a nominee.
  • Still on Monday, Malibu had another shift at the train station, this time with Terrence. Unable to cope with the annoying old bloke, Malibu proceeded to vandalise the station.
  • Rory told other HMs that Travis was doing his head in. Unfortunately Travis overheard and made it even worse for Rory by insisting on a chat.
  • Tuesday is Vending Machine Day in the BB house, and this week there were Hand Grenade reversals on offer (though not for the Grey Nomads). Unsurprisingly these were what Malibu opted to buy, thereby reversing Bianca's, Cherry's and her own Hand Grenade.
  • So Malibu finally got her stuff back. Awwww.
  • Unable to sleep that night, as BB wouldn't turn the bedroom lights off, most of the housemates went outside and decided to have fun at the Grey Nomads' expense.
  • After throwing balls against the kombi, Cherry turned the hose on the van, giving Terri and Terrence a leaky present.
  • Stoically, the kombi residents ignored the dripping water, and somehow managed to remain calm when Malibu then opened the kombi door and completely drenched them with the hose, then threw flour on them for good measure.

    Some people say funny. I say over the top. Poor form.

  • The following day, Terrence managed to keep Terri calm as she dried out the contents of the kombi. The ring leaders of the attacks were rightfully told off by Big Brother.

    In my opinion, this is where the Australian BB house could do with the small jail that the UK BB house has in their back yard at the moment. Spending a few hours behind bars would serve Malibu right.

  • Day 60 (Thursday) was so full of excitement that I could barely keep up. My solitary note reads "Rory teaches Travis how to lay bricks". As I said: excitement.
  • In another blatant cross promotion (so much so I have half a mind to rename the series Blatant Brother) FNL #9 was Spy Night. Cherry beat Malibu in a game of snap (?!!??) to win the night.
  • Cherry chose to take Malibu, Bianca and Terrence to watch the new Get Smart movie with him.
  • On Saturday, the HMs had to place all the train numbers they spotted during the week on a board in the correct order. They did so correctly, and passed the task.
  • Terrence was made to clean the windows in the back yard for talking without his microphone on, sparking an angry retort from Ben aimed at Big Brother. Methinks Ben is struggling with authority at the moment, for after he was forced to join Terrence washing the windows, he dissed Big Brother again and had to clean the windows alone.
  • Malibu showed her astronomical intelligence once again by eating hair wax.
  • The HMs enjoyed a costume party and pole dancing on Saturday night as a reward for passing the trainspotting task.
  • Having woken up the other housemates bright and early on Saturday morning just to get some ingredients for a cup of tea, Malibu and Ben returned the favour in the early hours of Sunday morning by opening the kombi door and waking the Grey Nomads with a cacophony of shouting and saucepan banging. After Malibu and Ben left, Terrence and Terrigave us this little gem:

    Terrence: I'm going to photocopy Brigitte's brain.
    Terri: Are you going to build me an idiot?


    On to the eviction where we saw that Rima did indeed return to the house.

    After Malibu told the other HMs she saved herself ("I saved me because duh.") and Bianca found out she was nominated, KyJO announced Rory was saved.

    Then Terrence got evicted. I saw it coming, but I really wish it had been Rory.

    Rima then went in to the house on a secret mission. She has to tell the other HMs a fib, and say that one of them was a mole. Not exactly what I'd call a "secret" mission. Especially after she mentioned she had a secret mission as soon as she got inside.

    It has also been confirmed that super bimbo Pamela Anderson will enter the house next week, also on a secret mission. Just when you thought the show couldn't stoop any lower hey? Rumours are that this is when the fake eviction will take place.

    Edit: But wait, the show reached brand new heretofore unknown depths on this week's episode of Big Mouth. More on next week's recap.
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