Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big Brother 08 - Week 7 Recap

Twas a rather bland week in the Aus BB house to be frank. Not all that much to go the snark about. So, here's the boring recap:

  • After being evicted, Renee's Housemate Hand Grenade was to deprive Malibu of a message from home. Malibu was, once again, a little miffed.
  • The HMs were advised of this week's task: in a blatant cross promotion with Adam Sandler's new movie, they had to play at being hairdressers.
  • Each HM would be both a hairdresser and a hairdressee during the week, styling wigs in particular styles while keeping up constant conversation.
  • The nominees decided on Monday were Knobbi, Terrence and Alice. FNL winner Knobbi saved himself of course, and was replaced by the other two intruders Rhianna and Cherry.
  • Rory's relationship with Rhianna continued through the week, growing from cuddles to kissing to, well, naughty digitally manipulative things involving adult time slots.
  • Knobbi decided to talk gibberish to Terrence in an effort to stop his boring stories. Terrence later cottoned on to this and gave as good as he got.
  • On vending machine day, Knobbi ignored the majority request for a hair straightener and bought Malibu's party dress, a footy and frisbee, and chocolate instead. Some HMs applauded Knobbi for sticking to his earlier commitment not to get the hair straightener. They say it was honourable. I say it was stubbornness.
  • On Day 45, HMs received video messages from home. Except Malibu of course. In protest, Malibu lay in the Diary Room doorway until Big Brother asked her to move.
  • Terrence got upset and cried when his wife didn't appear in his video message. Malibu was not remotely sympathetic when she told him "At least you got one".
  • Cherry declared to all and sundry that he hates Rhianna. Is this a way to get in with the other boys? What a nasty piece of work he is.
  • At FNL, Knobbi won again. *sigh*
  • Knobbi won a viewing of the Adam Sandler movie they'd been plugging all week, and he took Rory, Ben and Travis with him.
  • Knobbi apologised to Cherry for not taking him in to see the movie, causing the girls to think Knobbi was trying to recruit Cherry to his gang.
  • While Knobbi and co were watching the movie, Cherry plotted to oust Knobbi by trying to give him the 4th most votes, meaning he'd be nominated regardless of who is saved.
  • Rhianna later dobbed on Cherry to Rory who told Knobbi the next morning.
  • Cherry and Malibu were given strikes for discussing the nomination of Knobbi. A lovely way for Malibu to start her 21st birthday on Saturday.
  • Malibu's day got better when she had her party (wearing one of Bianca's dresses). All the HMs boarded (read "squeezed into") the Big Brother Airways "Lear Jet" and arrived in Sparkle Land - all pink and bubbly and sparkly.
  • Malibu finally got her message from home with a birthday video message from her family.
  • Malibu was also given Princess Sparkles back as a birthday present from Big Brother. Spoilt brat. I don't see Big Brother giving in to Knobbi and letting him back in the house.
  • Afterwards, the housemates crowded back into the tiny plane only to be informed the return flight would last 6 hours. It's times like this I love Big Brother.

    The Eviction Show was fairly uneventful. We saw that part of the backyard was converted into a dig site, with a treasure chest containing a riddle to the location of the $250,000 prize buried somewhere under the sand.

    After Cherry was saved (I hoped he'd be going) it was Rhianna who got the boot.

    Finally, the housemates were told the prize money was hidden in the house somewhere. But first they had to dig in the backyard to find puzzle pieces which told them where another chest was containing a clue. Only that clue was destroyed by water so Big Brother supplied another one, and in no time flat they found the money in the Diary Room chair.

    How lame a treasure hunt was that? Oh, and also lame - the gimmick that evicted housemates have to choose one of the remaining housemates to give their share of the prize money ($25,000 initially). Erm, it all ends up with one person anyway, so it's rather pointless don't you think?
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