Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Brother 08 - Week 12 & Finale Recap

Five housemates survived to see out the final week.

So what happened?

Well if you don't already know then what kind of Big Brother fan are you???

But I suppose I'd better finish off the final Big Brother recap ever (or "for now" according to Jackie O, repeatedly. Let it go Jackie).

  • After Cherry's eviction on Day 77, Big Brother hit the housemates with The Big Sting.
  • Each housemate was made to cast one vote with the HM with the most votes being evicted.
  • Of course, it was all fake, but it put the housemates through all kinds of emotional hell. You go get 'em BB.
  • For the record, Alice voted for Rory but then changed her mind to Ben; Ben and Rory both voted for Alice; Terri voted for Travis; and Travis voted for Terri.
  • With 2 votes, a shocked and annoyed Alice was "evicted" and taken to a studio to deliver her Hand Grenade.
  • The Hand Grenade turned out to be another fake snap eviction. The HMs were not happy campers.
  • Travis was up first this time, and voted for Terri, while the nanna also stuck with her original vote and went with Travis.
  • After claiming the whole process was inhumane, a seriously pissed off Rory voted for Travis, and Ben then did the same.
  • So Travis joined Alice in fake eviction land, but not before bursting into tears.
  • After Travis delivered his farewell message, he and Alice were told they were not really evicted, and they danced with joy. You might think that Alice in particular might have harboured some resentment towards BB for putting her through that, but she was obviously overwhelmed by the sheer joy of getting to remain in the house with her beloved treadmill.
  • Alice and Travis delivered a new message to the HMs, telling them a surprise awaited in the backyard. The surprise, of course, was their return.
  • Rory was still majorly peeved, and even after BB apologised for messing with their minds (under the pretty weak pretext that it was all an exercise to reveal more of the HMs' characters so the public could make a more informed decision over who they would nominate (we've had 77 days to study the HMs so far but that obviously wasn't enough)) Rory told BB what a dog's act the evening was.
  • Day 78 (Monday) saw a huge pile of clothing dropped into the backyard for the weekly task. The HMs had to iron and fold half a ton of clothing for charity.
  • Alice won an extended date with BB after all the HMs went on a speed date with him. She even danced with an imaginary BB in the Diary Room.
  • Tuesday was Care Package Day, aka Don't Even Think About Taking Away My Beautiful Darling Treadmill You Bastards Day.
  • Terri, Ben and Travis all had care packages from home in the vending machine (Alice and Rory received their care packages last Saturday after the silent dancing marathon), but only two were available for purchase.
  • As Terri received a letter from home last week, Ben opted to but his and Travis' packages, but then lamented to BB that he didn't get Terri's package.
  • BB offered Ben a deal: trade the treadmill for Terri's care package. The catch was that Terri couldn't find out.
  • Well Terri did find out because, after having the proposal put to her, Alice went into a major, and none too quiet, strop. How dare BB and the other HMs suggest her precious treadmill be taken away!
  • Rory suggested that perhaps Alice might be able to do without it for the five remaining days (a reasonable suggestion I think you would agree), but oh no, that was completely unfair.
  • Terri cottoned on to the scheme after Alice's rants reverberated around the compound, so BB called the deal off...
  • ...until the next day. On Wednesday BB told the other HMs that if they ironed a full basket of clothes each within an hour, and without Terri finding out, then Terri would get her care package.
  • Keeping Terri in the bedroom and bathroom under the pretext of National Nanna Day, the HMs succeeded to secretly iron the clothes. Unfortunately, BB disallowed the effort because the HMs weren't wearing their Iron Man costumes while ironing.
  • Not to be dissuaded, Rory then proposed the HMs perform an Iron Man themed play for Terri. BB said it would be a hoot and gave them the OK.
  • Terri was very entertained by the play, so was finally awarded her care package. Hoorah!
  • That night, after further discussing Alice's treadmill addiction (well, not an "addiction" according to Alice, but she could well do with a few Treadmill Lovers Anonymous meetings), some of the HMs pondered whether the moon was full or not, with Ben suggesting that the moon became full every fortnight. There's a bright lad.
  • On Thursday, BB supplied bricks, cement and tools for the HMs to build a letterbox.
  • Rory and his apprentice Travis built the letterbox at Travis pace (kind of like "snails pace" except five times slower) and completed it after six hours.
  • Ben was readmitted to the house after his kombi banishment.
  • Travis was relieved of his head chef duties, much to the pleasure of the other HMs.
  • BB took the night off, allowing the other HMs to play at being BB and ask each other questions with the aid of a voice altering loudspeaker.
  • The Friday Night Live Grand Final came along and included some amusing moments - most notably Travis, eyes tightly shut, clutching a cake to his chest while chanting "the devil wears Prada" over and over again as he was hauled 25 metres into the air.
  • After some dubious scoring by Big Brother (I still maintain Travis won), and some slime dumping on HMs' loved ones, BB awarded the Grand Final trophy to Rory.
  • Saturday was a fairly uneventful day in the house. BB served the HMs an eviction notice, and the HMs were told they passed the ironing task.

    Five became three on Sunday night with a double eviction. Last week's fake evictees became real evictees when Alice and Travis were shown the door.

    The final episode of Big Brother, at least in its current iteration, aired last night.

    Past winners were brought on stage and asked a question or two (except for Big Brother #2 winner Peter who was practically ignored).

    Gretel managed to say a word from the Rocky Horror stage.

    The final three HMs got messages from home and the traditional news update.

    The previously evicted housemates performed a dance routine on stage that was actually pretty good.

    During the show we were shown voting graphs, and while we were told they'd only show the names with the percentages at the beginning of the night, the producers got scared that Ben might actually win by being ignored in the voting (as it was still voting to evict instead of to win which was really dumb) and showed the names again later in the evening when Ben was leading.

    It worked perfectly as Ben was evicted.

    The final two were then reunited with their loved ones inside the house (Terri's daughter and grandson, and Rory's mother and brother) before they were brought on stage.

    And the winner is......Terri!!!

    Yes, the nanna who was evicted on the first night, came back to win. Yay for Tezza!!!!

    I've been thinking about my overall impression of this year's Big Brother. The closest I can get is "ambivalent". There were moments of inspired greatness, moments of boring seen-it-before blandness, and moments of what-the-hell-were-you-thinking-you-idiotic-producers dumbfoundedness. I guess that's what you get with Big Brother. It was funny yet frustrating. It wasn't anywhere near the standards of the early series, but in my opinion it surpassed the nonsense of the last two years. Even KyJO were passable. Just. An extended period off before a revamping on another network could be just what the BB doctor ordered.

    Here's hoping.
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