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Big Brother 08 - Week 10 Recap

The mole was the focus of Week 10's Big Brother. Prime fodder for ranting also presented itself this week, manifested by the reprehensible behaviour of Rebecca Wilson on Big Mouth. More on that shortly. Meanwhile, the recap begins last Sunday night...

  • Terrence's Housemate Hand Grenade was more of a Housemate Party Popper. He reversed Knobbi's earlier Hand Grenade, meaning Terri could return from the kombi to the house. He also removed the hair straightener.
  • Nominations were sprung on the housemates on Sunday night, with Bianca and Rory amassing 7 points each, while Alice gained 4 points. Having earlier voted for both Bianca and Rory, Cherry saved Alice, although he didn't really want to. This put Terri and Travis in the firing line for eviction as well.
  • Rima told the house they had 3 days to uncover a mythical mole, and the other HMs bought it hook, line, sinker, rod and copy of Angling Times (bonus points for identifying the reference).
  • Terri and Alice immediately speculated the mole was Ben, while Cherry, Ben and Malibu thought it might be Rory.
  • Basically, the HMs went crazy trying to work it out.
  • For the weekly task, the HMs had to become wrestlers and, when their individual theme tunes were played, dress in their costumes and race to the ring in the backyard within 90 seconds. Once there, they had to wrestle a ninja dummy.
  • BB gave the HMs suitable characters for the task. Ben was "The Prosecutor", Bianca was "The Iron Maiden", Malibu was "Blonde-zilla", Alice was "The Determinator", Cherry was "Cherry Bomb", Rory is "The Roaring Lion" (rather lame name really), Travis was "Captain Possimistic", and Terri was "Naughty Nanna".

    We interrupt this recap of happenings in the BB House for a special rant. Monday night is Big Mouth night, and one person in particular really needed to keep her big mouth shut.

    As usual, the evictee from the previous night ventured on to the Big Mouth set. Unfortunately, this particular evictee was Terrence, and he wasn't so much walking on to a set, as walking into a carefully contrived execution.

    While in the house, Terrence had speculated that Malibu, given her shocking lack of good manners and her blatant rudeness towards Terrence, might have not had particularly good parenting. So the Big Mouth producers ambushed him with Malibu's uppity father on the phone during the show. Ostensibly an opportunity to discuss Malibu and her behaviour, the segment instead degenerated into a two pronged assault on Terrence. It was excruciating to watch.

    Rebecca Wilson even had the gall to defend Malibu's nasty outburst of "at least you got one you cry baby" after Terrence cried when his wife wasn't in his video message from home. When this was brought up, Wilson jumped in with a spiteful "Well deserved".

    No, Rebecca, it wasn't. Yes Terrence was an annoying old bloke who, while seemingly oblivious to the reaction of the housemates to his stories, was secretly enjoying antagonising them a little. That in no way means he deserved to be ridiculed and treated with utter disrespect by Malibu, or her father or Rebecca Wilson for that matter.

    And you want to know the nail in the coffin for Wilson's credibility (not that she had much to begin with)? When they brought on "one of the world's most respected psychics" (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one), Wilson revealed she was a total believer and had actually had her house cleared of spirits. Seriously.

    Back to the recap...

  • Bianca began what was probably the storyline that would book her ticket out of the house by saying that she would never speak to the mole again, simply for lying to her. I think Bianca had become so involved with her environment, she had forgotten it was a game.
  • Bianca took her mind off mole issues by luring Ben to the kombi and finally getting him to (awkwardly) spoon her.
  • More mole speculation followed on Day 65, with suspicion falling on Malibu.
  • Cherry bought clues to the mole's identity from the vending machine, but the HMs were disappointed when all the clues said were that the mole wasn't Terri or Rory.
  • BB spiced things up in the mole hunt by calling Malibu to the Diary Room then planting a pen on the chair after she left. The ruse worked as the next person in the Diary Room, Cherry, discovered the pen and questioned Malibu about it.
  • Terri told Alice she thought there might not be a mole, but Alice was quick to shut her down and say there had to be. Poor Alice was so caught up in the excitement of a mole, she really wasn't thinking logically.
  • On Wednesday the HMs finally had to say who they thought the mole was.
  • Rory and Alice said they thought it was Malibu.
  • Malibu asked if she could pick herself, but forced to pick someone she went with Alice.
  • Bianca jumped on the Malibu bandwagon.
  • Travis said he thought there was no mole, but I suspect he did this only because he didn't want to go through the trauma of actually picking someone. Forced into a corner, he reluctantly picked Malibu then burst into tears.
  • Terri and Ben also nominated Malibu as the mole. After Ben said that he thought the evidence added up to Malibu, the blonde brainiac told the other HMs they were all bad at maths.
  • Last to say who he thought was the mole, Cherry decided to go with his gut and picked Alice.
  • Her mission complete, Rima was spirited away from the house (unpsychically) without the other HMs' knowledge.
  • Even before the truth was revealed, Bianca became emotional, crying as she and Rory second guessed themselves and thought that maybe they should have nominated Ben as the mole instead.
  • Alice too became annoyed because Cherry hadn't told her he thought she was the mole. Hello Alice? It's a game. You don't always want to show your hand and tell your suspect you think it's them.
  • Rima then appeared on the TV screen to say she had left the house, and that the mole was not Malibu. She continued on to say that her Housemate Hand Grenade was to mess with the HMs heads as there was no mole.
  • Cue the fireworks. Storming off in a bleeped out fury, Bianca vented her anger on Terri's innocent washing, drying in the backyard. She firmly stated she'd never talk to Rima again.
  • Ben agreed that the whole mole thing was nasty.
  • Terri tried to defuse Bianca by telling her not to let Rima win, but then burst into tears herself.
  • Cherry, easily the biggest game player in the house, took it all in his stride as he saw the game side of the task.
  • Things calmed down somewhat on Day 67.
  • Rory was amusingly called to the wrestling ring while buried neck deep in the sandpit.
  • Terri proved she couldn't bounce a football.
  • Bianca resumed chasing Ben.
  • The HMs made cardboard cut outs of each other, with Rory reprimanded for making a cut out of Rima as a mole with a knife in her back.
  • Friday saw Travis get a new haircut, from Bianca, that wasn't much better than Knobbi's earlier hatchet job.
  • At FNL #10, as it was the 4th of July, the HMs were dressed as New York Yankees baseballers for "I Love New York Night"
  • The most amusing thing during the night was when Terrence joined the hosts on stage and, while relating how people have reacted to his time in the house, said his son was told "We saw your dad's dick on national TV". The producers quickly jumped on to the bleeper to edit out the naughty "d word", but stuffed it up so what we actually heard was "We saw your [bleep] dick [bleep] TV". Hilarious.
  • Cherry's competitive nature was shown once more as he beat Bianca in the final to win his second straight FNL.
  • As a reward, Cherry won a 4th of July banquet for himself and three others. He chose Rory, Alice and Ben to join him in the strategy room cinema banquet room.
  • Saturday saw the HMs told they had passed the wrestling task. Despite the task having the potential to be good viewing, and while we saw some humorous moments, it barely registered on the daily show after Monday which was disappointing.
  • Saturday also saw Bianca sneak into the Diary Room as Alice was leaving, only to be told by Big Brother to leave and ring the bell. Unfortunately, the temper tantrum queen slammed the door on the way out, causing a "maintenance issue" with the door and preventing her from re-entering.
  • While Ben continued to spurn Bianca's advances, Cherry was rewarded for his own persistence as Malibu finally let him snuggle with her.

    Eviction Show #9 saw Terri and Travis saved before Bianca was evicted.

    I think we all saw the writing on the wall for Bianca after her dog of a week. And what is it with the word "dog"? Everything negative in the house is a dog. Rima's deception was "a dog act". People keep "dogging" other people".

    Well, only two weeks of dogging remain, with seven housemates still in the house.

    A snap eviction will take place this Wednesday, along with some obscure blonde American woman going in to the house. Oh the anticipation.
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