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Big Brother 08 - Week 4 Recap

Week 4 was a time for song and dance. Well, dance mostly. And more petulance from Malibu.

Looking at my notes I find that there are two things that stick out. Both feature Malibu, but are at opposite ends of the spectrum. While for the daily show for Day 21 I've simply noted "Malibu is SO STUPID!!!", my quote of the week also comes from the amusing blonde. On Day 27, having endured a week of disco dance practice with Travis, Malibu spoke about Travis to BB in the Diary Room: "He's like one of those dolls where you pull the string in the back and he just says one of his stupid lines." So true.

Let's reflect on the rest of the notes I made...

  • Dixie and Bianca celebrated Rebecca's departure.
  • In her farewell message Rebecca passed her Head of Household armband to Alice, gave a serve to Dixie and Bianca for being bitchy (PKB1 Alert!), then threw the third Housemate Hand Grenade at Dixie, giving her the job of the Big Brother Mobile Washing Service.
  • On Day 22, BB woke up the HMs to tell them about their So You Think You Can Dance task for the week. The HMs were divided into six partnerships.
  • The wannabe "couple" in the house, Nathan & Renee, were partnered for the waltz; Ben & Bianca were given the tango (setting the scene for Bianca to feel a little frisky); Malibu & Travis were given disco; Terri & David had to learn the German slap dance; Alice & Dixie got to do hip hop; and Rory & Nobbi became a boy band.
  • Much of the dance focus was on Nathan & Renee as they continued to flirt throughout the week. The other HMs thought they made a cute couple. I agree.
  • Wednesday night's show saw a flashback to the early hours of Day 18 when Carson Kressley re-crashed the house to make over the rest of the HMs: Bianca, Dixie, Travis (to whom Carson gave the advice "If you meet girls in church, they're not going to put out"), Nobbi, Rebecca, Nathan, Alice, and David.
  • Carson decided that Renee was the most improved of the HMs he made over so he gave her and Dixie a trip to New York. Dubbo Girls in the City?
  • Back to dance practice, and we found that Travis and rhythm do not go together.
  • In a challenge to get some of her belongings back, Big Brother gave Malibu rose-coloured glasses that she had to wear at all times with a matching attitude.
  • Malibu tried to be positive but she wasn't aided by Rory's antagonism. When BB later gave the HMs the choice of what to return to Malibu, Rory led the charge to give her nothing. In the end, Alice, as HoH, decided to give Malibu some makeup for having a "red hot go".
  • Malibu became even more depressed, especially with Travis' "dancing".
  • Bianca flirted with the boys. She needs some lovin'.
  • Nathan assisted Dixie with the laundry, and as a result Dixie was punished by having to wash the giant bedsheets, while Nathan had to cheer her on.
  • In Scout Night at FNL #4, Alice and Terri made it to the final two. They had to play a Yes/No guessing game to guess the item BB had stolen from the house. The correct answer was "hub-cap", but Alice and Terri were woeful, and despite clues from BB were unable to guess it correctly. In the end Alice won by default after Terri guessed "hoop".
  • Alice therefore became HoH for the second week running. She chose to take Nobbi to the strategy room to give him some time in the house.
  • In the final daily show for the week, Dixie advised Big Brother that she was getting back pain from doing all the washing because her boobs weigh 4.3 kilos each.
  • Big Brother was unsympathetic, and Dixie related this to the other HMS. Unfortunately, she misquoted him a little, and after finding this out, Bianca went a little psycho.
  • The HMs finally performed their dance routines for two of the So You Think You Can Dance judges.
  • After earlier worrying that she had no groove, Dixie did really well in her hip hop routine with Alice.
  • In fact all the HMs did a great job. Malibu was no doubt miffed after Travis got all the praise from the judges after their disco number.
  • After a week without nice food, the HMs were told they passed.

    Eviction Show #3 started with the revelation that it was a double eviction. I was therefore expecting more than 3 HMs to be up for eviction, but it wasn't to be. 3 were put up, and only 1 survived.

    Before the voting commenced Kyle had a few words to say to Nathan. Apparently he was speaking for many other people when he called Nathan a dog for stringing Renee along. Sometimes I like it when Kyle speaks his mind, but that was inappropriate and uncalled for. Kyle, you are a dog. And a mangy, filthy, flee-ridden one at that.

    With Terri in curlers, Dixie in her nurse uniform, and Travis with a drawn on lipstick smile (he apparently edged out Malibu as the dumbest housemate and his award was to be made up by her) the HMs didn't appear to be taking things too seriously. Things changed somewhat when they were advised it was a double eviction.

    The bottom 3 housmates this week were David, Nathan and Alice. Alice chose to save herself, and she was replace by perennial nominee Rory.

    Voting went like this:

    Travis1 2
    Ben1 2
    Terri2 1
    Bianca1 2
    Nobbi2 1
    Renee 21
    Alice4 2
    Nathan 12
    Rory2 1

    Evictee number one for the night was Nathan who was hounded mercilessly on stage by both Kyle and Jackie. It brought back the days of Gretel's post-eviction interviews with her least favourite male housemates - particularly Jamie last year.

    Now I like going the snark. I do say some potentially nasty things about HMs when I blog, but I don't do it particularly nastily, and not on stage in front of the whole country. Kyle went back to his weasily ways, and I thought Nathan acquitted himself very well, easily coming across as the better man.

    David was then evicted, reducing the number of male HMs to 4 (with 6 women). The rumour mill (aka Behind Big Brother) is pointing to intruders entering the house in the not too distant future.

    There's also a hypnotism special later this week (filmed earlier last week) where HMs get to act like prats. I have my own views on hypnotism, in that it's not the voodoo it's portrayed to be, so I'm not looking forward to the show. You have to be a willing participant to be hypnotised in the first place, and in a house full of extroverts, there is plenty of willingness to act like a complete tool. Heck, they don't need some tacky TV personality to tell them they're getting sleepy in order to look like fools. Locking them in a house for weeks on end is more than sufficient.

    1- Pot. Kettle. Black.
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