Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Brother 08 - Week 3 Recap

It's the end of Week 3 and Knobbi is still in the kombi. I'm actually quite impressed that BB has kept it up so long. Usually these things last for a day or two, but Knobbi's punishment continues unabated. The guy has quit his whining for the most part so, for now, he becomes "Nobbi" again.

And what juicy highlights came to our attention up the vacuum thingy this week?

  • Saxon's farewell message was played and he delivered the 2nd Housemate Hand Grenade. He chose Malibu to lose all of her possessions indefinitely.
  • Malibu: "What does indefinitely mean?"
  • Malibu did not take it well. At all. She vented her anger by whacking the TV monitor with her shoe and telling everyone she wanted to leave the house so she could bash Saxon. Gold.
  • Rory, David, Alice and Renee were chosen to travel on Big Brother Airlines and went into the "plane" for a few hours before arriving, to their delight, in "Bali" (aka that yard with the trees and pool on the other side of the wall).

    I'll just say here, kudos to BB for this one. Taking HMs already locked in a house and then locking them in a tiny plane for hours was genius. Perfect for the type of conversations we like to watch on Big Mouth. Now back to Malibu...

  • ...who threatened to go on a hunger strike.
  • BB revealed the weekly task - standing in the back yard catching cricket balls in the Big Brother Test Match. This one was a nice idea, but unfortunately the housemates' enthusiasm for this task was lower than Lowy McLow set a world record in the limbo.
  • Malibu went through with her threat and did go on a hunger strike.
  • Not wanting to talk to BB, Malibu took Dixie in to the Diary Room to act as a go-between. This resulted in one of the funniest scenes ever to come out of the Big Brother house. Here's an exerpt:

    Malibu and Dixie are in the Diary Room chair.
    Malibu: Tell him I don't feel comfortable wearing other people's clothes, so could I have some pillow cases with holes and a head hole cut in it.
    BB: Dixie, could you please tell Brigitte that Big Brother will get back to her.
    Dixie: Brigitte, Big Brother said that he'll get back to you.
    Malibu: Hmph!
    Dixie: Brigitte said "hmph!"
    BB: Thank you Dixie. And Dixie, could you tell Brigitte Big Brother said "Thank you Brigitte."
    Dixie: Big Brother said "Up yours."

    Dixie rocks!

  • BB gave Brigitte a pink pillow case which she made into a dress.
  • Corey showed his maturity by throwing flour on the sleeping Malibu. He must fancy her.
  • Malibu retaliated by squirting sauce in Corey's bed.
  • Malibu stated that 40% of Americans are called Erik.
  • Carson Kressley crashed the BB house and dressed Terri, Malibu, Ben, Corey, Renee and Rory. I can't wait for him to come back next week and dress the gayest "not gay" person in history, Travis.
  • Dixie decided to get fit.
  • Malibu and Dixie visited the Diary Room again:

    Malibu and Dixie are leaving the Diary Room.
    Malibu: I'm going to Big Brother's house and stealing his stuff.
    Dixie: You are in his house.
    Malibu: Well then I'm stealing his stuff.
    Malibu grabs the large pot plant sitting outside the Diary Room and drags it with her.

  • David finally decided it was time to play the "I escaped from the Exclusive Brethren" card.
  • Renee admitted fancying Nathan and it became a house talking point.
  • Rebecca turned 23.
  • Corey finally left the house!!!!!!!
  • Corey finally left the house!!!!!!! (I just had to say that again!)
  • Corey and Nobbi won $60,000 for the winner's prize money by matching answers in BB's "Which HM is the most..." quiz.
  • In FNL #3, Big Brother rigged the final spelling Bee round so that Rebecca would win. She became HoH.
  • Rebecca chose to take Malibu to the strategy room. Bwahahahahahaha! Who would have thought "Malibu" and "strategy room" would ever go together?
  • Ben on Malibu: "I may have an annoying personality, but at least I have one."
  • Finally we saw some snogging action when Alice pashed Ben druing a truth or dare session in the spa.
  • Travis does nothing to dispel gay rumours when he recoils at the dare of kissing Dixie.

    And lastly, before we get to the Eviction Show, it's time for the Big Brother word of the week. BB often introduces words that aren't part of normal every day vocab, but become commonly used inside the confines of the Big Brother compound.

    And that word is "cut". As in, "I'm not cut" (I'm not angry) or "I didn't want to cut her up" (I didn't want to make her angry). There's been a fair amount of cutness between the women in the house, that's for sure.

    The producers dragged Travis' mum on stage to defend him during Eviction Show #2. She wasn't particularly convincing.

    The bottom 3 HMs were Ben, Rory and Travis. Returning the favour from last week, Rebecca saved Travis only to be nominated herself as the 4th least popular housemate.

    Here's how the voting went down:

    Brigitte2 1
    Alice 21
    Travis1 2
    Ben 21

    Yeah, you read that right. Rebecca the stupid bimbo voted for herself. It wouldn't have made a difference even if she hadn't but good riddance I say.

    Interestingly, the whole "Revolve" thing was given the heave ho after the backlash against it last week. Instead, Kyle and Jackie O just read out the name of one of the non-evicted housemates and then announced the evictee.

    And just to prove exactly how live the Eviction Show really is, Rebecca appeared on stage immediately upon the doors of the house shutting behind her. Whatever will they think of next to piss us off?
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