Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Brother 08 - Week 2 Recap

What with weddings and a conference we've been behind Big Brother-wise here up the vacuum thingy, but having now caught up, it's time to dissect week 2.

  • Corey the brat surfaced when he was told he must share a locker with Terri.
  • Terri had to look after Corey but he hid and the other housemates told her he escaped.
  • Big Brother made a mess in the garden.
  • Dixie snored.
  • Bianca's dislike for Corey began to show. Her fellow HMs told her to chill.
  • Asked why she was spending so much time putting on make-up, Malibu replied it was because she was on TV.
  • Corey chose chocolate and soft drink over a hair straightener.
  • Bianca confronted Corey over her dislike for him, and for some unfathomable reason tried to enter into a rational debate with the thickhead.
  • Big Brother made more mess in the garden.
  • Malibu declared she thought Barney was hideous because he wouldn't stop smiling.
  • Saxon revealed his anti-culinary skills when he demonstrated he didn't know how to make porridge. That's no how ye make porridge.
  • Big Brother gave Corey the opportunity to kick out two "web mates". He refused.
  • Big Brother then gave the eviction power to Corey's minder, Terri.
  • The HMs were told Terri would kick two web mates out at sunrise. Knobbi (still in the kombi) found another reason to hate Terri.
  • Pretending to be a ninja, Rory was put in his place by Big Brother who informed Rory he wasn't qualified. I like the new, funny Big Brother.
  • At dawn on Day 10, Terri chose to evict Michael and Barney. Sheesh! I had Barney in the sweep you dozy cow!
  • Terri was made a fully fledged housemate again.
  • Rebecca told BB she wanted to leave, and had a cry.
  • Dixie also had a cry after she was accused of stealing food.
  • Dixie stated she was sick of living with "a bunch of wankers" and wanted to go home.
  • Corey surprises everone by actually being entertaining with a pretty decent Mr Bean impression.
  • Big Brother made yet more mess in the garden, complemented with raining confetti.
  • Rebecca and Dixie agree to be soldiers and not go home.
  • Nathan was voted as Mr Big Brother 2008.
  • During FNL #2, BB revealed the prize for winning was to become Head of House (an idea "borrowed" from BB USA) with extra voting powers on eviction night.
  • After being dragged around a course by Rory during FNL, asked by BB if she was OK, an exhausted Terri answered "I haven't decided yet."
  • Nathan was victorious and became HoH.
  • Ineligible to vote in the upcoming evicition, Nathan's reward of entry to the Strategy Room (and what a fizzer that has been) and extra voting powers were promptly taken from him and handed to FNL runner-up Travis.
  • Knobbi became mother for a day to celebrate Mother's Day.
  • The HMs were informed they passed the Cleaning Task and won food.
  • Saxon got irritated no one was taking his alien conspiracy theories seriously. Awwww.
  • Bianca took on Corey in another verbal stoush and soundly trounced his puny white arse. Corey was, of course, to stupid to realise this.

    Phew. Deep breath.

    And so to Eviction Show #1, where Big Brother revealed that the bottom 3 housemates, as voted by the public, were David, Rebecca and Saxon.

    Rebecca was saved by her pal Travis, and the housemate with the 4th least amount of votes, Rory, slotted into her place. What that meant was the tradition of a woman being evicted first would be broken with three blokes up for the chop. And I couldn't be more pleased.

    The HMs then voted on who to evict. The voting went like this:

    Alice2 1
    Nobbi 21
    Brigitte2 1
    Rebecca2 1
    Travis 42
    Saxon 21
    David2 1

    So UFO Boy was sent to the stars. His mode of departure was "The Revolve" - a giant turn table divided into three sections - one for each nominated housemate.

    The idea was that the device would turn, and the doors would open revealing the saved housmates. Unfortunately, any suspense was totally lost when Big Brother announced "David" and Rory walked back in, thereby telling us immediately which housemate was evicted.

    "The Revolve" was a momumental flop. I can see how it sounded like a good idea in a brain storming session during pre-production, but the execution was comically anticlimactic.

    Both I and The Giggling One are enjoying this season more than last year. That view is not least due to the new found sense of humour being injected into the show. I can't see why so many people are criticizing it. It is sooo much better than last year. I just hope it continues to grow.
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    The Revolve screwup sounds freakin hillarious tehehe...

    Better than last year huh? Hm...