Saturday, April 5, 2008

An update of sorts

I've done some gaming since the last post, including two new games added to the list. Here's a quick run down of games and thoughts:

* Starcraft: The Board Game

I intentionally haven't done a stand alone post for this one because I've only played it with two players: myself and The Giggling One. Quite frankly it wasn't great with just two players. It took us ages to set up and go through the rules and then it was all over on just my 3rd turn.

The reason it was so short is that with two players, the 3rd phase of the game comes very very quickly, and all I had to do to win was control more territories than The Giggling One during Phase 3.

The Giggling One hated it. I still liked it due to my affinity with the computer game. I'll reserve further judgements until I've played with more players. For now I can simply recommend that this game not be played with only two players.

* Carcassonne

We had another crack at this the other day with our good friends Paul & Narelle. This time things were a tad more even experience wise. Paul was playing for just the 3rd time, The Giggling One and I for the 2nd time, and Narelle for the 1st time.

Readers may recall the debacle that was my Carcassonne debut. Well I'm happy to say that I enjoyed the game much more this time.

So yeah, I won.

We played with The River expansion which adds a little aesthetically to the game and was kinda nice. Remembering that I didn't have to place a Meeple every turn was also very helpful!

I think I was much more strategic this time, and didn't end up with half my Meeples on roads but shared them about. Interestingly, and perhaps a game breaker, every Cloister tile in the game was picked up by either me or Narelle. So piggy-backing all of my Cloisters, I managed to eke out a fair whack of points from them.

Final scores were something in the realm of me: 90 something; Paul: 70 something; The Giggling One: 60ish; and Narelle around 50.

/smug mode cancel

* Catan Card Game

/smug mode reactivate

Just a quick note to say I gave The Giggling one a rather sound shellacking (which is somewhat of a tautology I suppose but it was a fairly large final margin) in our most recent game, and have the photos to prove it. Session report with photographic evidence coming soon.

* Race for the Galaxy

Ever wanted to play solitaire and race 3 other people to be the first to go out? That's Race for the Galaxy, the latest addition to my New Games Quest. Full post to come shortly.

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