Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another update of sorts

Three topics are up for bloggerising today: Catan Card Game, Pillars of the Earth, and Big Brother.

Firstly to Catan. After having tried Wizards & Dragons, The Giggling One and I further expanded our Catan Card Game horizons with Science & Progress.

This expansion was definitely more fun, and integrated more easily with the base game. We both built the (almost obligatory) University and switched our regions around to make use of doubled production. I found the Crane quite useful in the late game, especially as I had only one wood and one brick producing region.

In the end it was probably my beefed up ore production that won me the game. With two of my three ore regions either side of a Foundry and protected by a Garrison, I had ore coming out of my you-know-where.

The Giggling One was again frustrated by her lack of resource production but thought this was better than the Wizards & Dragons expansion. I agreed. The Science & Progress expansion fits in nicely and adds a few more options. I do, however, think it could do with more cards as it seemed a bit light on.

I just wanted to go into brag mode for a brief moment to mention I am still undefeated in The Pillars of the Earth. I'm 5 from 5 (from two games of 2 players, one game of 3 players, and two games of 4 players).

My most recent foray to Kingsbridge involved myself, The Giggling One, and Pillars noobs Paul and Narelle. I went the stone strategy, and finished Round 6 with three Sculptors, the Bellmaker, and a Goldsmith, leading to my highest final round yet: a not insubstantial 30 Victory Points (8 stone to 16 VPs from the Sculptors, 2 metal to 8 VPs from the Bellmaker, and 18 gold to 6 VPs from the Goldsmith). 54 points all up.

My inner snark is just itching to get out, and I fear I may be unable to keep it restrained once Big Brother 8 starts on Monday night. New hosts and a new producer should shake things up a bit from the stale tripe of the last couple of years. Here's hoping there's plenty of blog fodder to come.

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