Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bellamy Sports: Bellamy Volleyfoot

Bellamy Volleyfoot is the third Bellamy Sport, following in the footsteps of Bellamy Tennis and Bellamy Football.

Bellamy Sports came indoors with the advent of Bellamy Volleyfoot. The accolades for the name of this game go to Heidi. Also present at Bellamy Volleyfoot's inaugural game were myself, Paul, Narelle, Mick, and Leah.

This game actually has nothing to do with volleyball, and even less to do with football. So what does it have to with? Stuffed if I know, but it's a lot of fun!

For this game you need an even number of players (six is best), a soft miniature football and a largish living room, preferably with couches and a coffee table. Cushions or other similar sized objects serve as goals.

From there it's simply a matter of each team placing their goals in an open space (eg. on top of a couch or propped up against a wall), team members placing themselves in strategic positions, and then pelting the opposition's goal with the ball.

Prior to commencement of play, players' positions should be defined. No player may start within an arms width of their own goal, and a maximum of two can be just outside arms width. Any other player must be within their own half of the room, generally strategically placed beside the coffee table.

Players' starting positions normally involve buttock contact with a particular item of furniture. For example, player one's starting postion may be defined as having one buttock cheek on a rug, while player two's left buttock must be in contact with the couch. If one team is defending a goal on a couch, one player may kneel behind the couch, with their starting position defined as having both arms flat on the back of the couch.

Players may not move from their starting positions until the ball has left the hand of an opposition player having a ping at goal. Once the ball is flying through the air towards the goal, the defenders can dive in front of the goal in an attempt to stop the ball hitting it. There is no restriction on how much arm waving there is prior to a shot at goal (except, that is, for any player behind a couch whose starting position requires their arms remain on the couch).

If the ball misses the goal, then the nearest player grabs it, regardless of who had the last possession. If the ball comes to rest outside the reach of all players then anyone may leave their position to fetch it, but they must return to their starting position before playing on.

Team members may pass the ball between themselves as much as they like in an effort to gain an advantageous shooting position. When they do shoot for goal, the ball may not hit the wall above a goal and then drop onto it (if this happens it does not count as a goal). However, ricochetting into the goal off another player, the floor, a side wall or the coffee table still counts as a goal.

The first team to nine goals is the winner of the game. Teams then change places and play again. The first team to win two games is the winner.

That's Bellamy Volleyfoot. Don't forget to use a soft ball. It's also probably a good idea to remove breakables from the room before starting - this game can get particularly violent! Enjoy.

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