Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Games Quest

To my myriad of readers, my 2010 quest may not come as a complete surprise, given that I've already mentioned it a few times, and that it is that part of my 2009 quest that I failed to complete. Or even get off the ground really.

My goal this year is to produce a workable, playable, enjoyable board game. I'm not talking about getting it published - though that is a future goal. I'm talking about developing a working prototype with a board, pieces, cards, and rules.

Preferably I'd like to work at it and get it on the table for multiple play tests with interested/bribable folk.

I'm not starting completely from scratch, however. I do have quite a few pages of thoughts, ideas, scribbles and diagrams to work from. It's been slowly cobbled together over the last two or three years, and has already seen a number of changes from my original concept. No doubt it'll see some more as I discover what works and what doesn't.

Now I'm not going to give out any info about the game here. Not yet anyway. I'm intending to keep a diary of the progress that will one day see itself in the pages of this blog, and I may decide to post thoughts/snippets of the game here as I go.

Ultimately, I see this quest as the next step in my evolution as a gamer. Here's hoping I don't develop some hideous mutation and slide into extinction.


Steve PP said...

Good luck!

Reddyredrooster said...

SO what's teh theme? or do you start witha mechanic.


Jeremy said...

I'm not sure whether Blogger or Chrome is to blame (I suspect the latter) as I've tried unsuccessfully to post a reply for the last couple of days. I'm now resorting to Safari on my iPhone to get it posted.

Anyway, to answer your question, I had a theme and mechanic in mind right from the word go - they sort of came together to form the stone egg from which my game will hatch. Whether it becomes irrepressible or not is yet to be seen.

I'm really hoping the core mechanic, which does not involve dice I'm afraid, and which has morphed considerably from the original concept (which did involve dic) will prove to work when it resolves itself as something tangible.