Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympify Me

It was a fantastic 16 days of competition, spoiled only by Channel 7 and Southern Cross interrupting the broadcast on weekends to show the AFL. That and Rebecca Wilson on Yum Cha (an excellent daily olympic themed show despite Wilson).

I write this as the Closing Ceremony beams into my lounge and that of countless viewers around the world (ooh, more drummers). I've had my backside firmly planted on the couch for two weeks (and am more than a little eager to get some exercise tomorrow!).

Our coverage here was, of course, biased towards Australian athletes with little else being shown, though SBS to their credit did show some of the less popular sports from an Australian perspective.

It was weird in a way that because we did well in Sydney and Athens, there was an expectation that the Aussies would do just as well, if not better, in Beijing. And we didn't. But, China's astonishing medal haul, along with that of the USA, aside, we did very well. As did Great Britain who are showing ominous signs for London in 2012 (and, it has been pointed out, won a lot of their medals sitting on their bottoms).

I did enjoy some sports more than others. Swimming and athletics were obvious highlights, especially Mr Phelps and Mr Bolt.

At the other end, gymnastics, diving, boxing, equestrian, BMX, and anything synchronised, head my list of events that continually puzzle me by their presence in the Olympic Games.

But no ranting now as it's time to sit back and bathe in the 16 days that were, and look forward to the next Commonwealth Games in Delhi and the London Olympics. There is a high probability I'll be doing just the same and taking leave for couch sitting then as well.

Well done China! Magnificent!

Edit: OMG the Mayor of London is a scruff. Button up your suit man!

And another OMG! A London Bus that comes apart to reveal an aged rocker and an Idol winner. Puhlease. Following on from the fantastic Chinese pageantry it is just awful. Oh, wait, David Beckham. Well that makes it all better. Good grief. Let's hope they learn how to do this properly by the time 2012 comes around.

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