Thursday, February 7, 2008

Celebrity Hijack Wrap Up

Three weeks ago I put fingers to keyboard to give some impressions of Big Brother Celebrity Hijack.

Now that the show is over it's time for some more thoughts on the show as a whole. I don't intend to summarise what happened. You can wiki that. What I am going to give is the impressions of myself and The Giggling One.

**Spoiler Warning...yada yada yada**

We loved it. As we did for the previous series of Big Brother UK. I think I enjoyed the fact that the house was way more relaxed due to the nature of the show, although Amy spent most of the time paranoid.

I'll start my housemate thoughts with Amy, and proceed in a logical, alphabetical order as I am a logical, alphabetical sort of person (no I don't know what that means either). Amy was the most sensible person in the house, and didn't take any shit from the boys which was good to see. She was good natured, good looking and, dare I say it, the most attractive of the housemates. OK so she does weird art stuff, but a guy can overlook that as she's so damn gorgeous. Such a pity she smokes.

Anthony (aka Anfony) was actually a charming fellow - for a boxer. Like all boxers he was a few fleas short of a mangy dog, but the girls, particularly Calista, were attracted to him anyway. One thing that pissed me off was the way all the prissy celebrities kept calling him "Antony". There's a fucking 'h' in it you morons.

Calista was one of the more talented housemates, though her fellow roomies didn't seem to think so in the rating challenge. Her grasp on music was almost enchanting. Pity we couldn't say the same for her waaaay overdone make-up.

Emilia started off as the coy, flirty one and finished as the bitchy, flirty one. We were staggered to see her get all the way to second place. Maybe the voting demographics were different for this series, because bitchy girls usually find themselves voted out quickly.

Jade's stay in the house was the briefest. We weren't entirely displeased with that, as we didn't have to look at her weird cat-face for the whole series.

Jay was surprisingly funny, while also maintaining the role of the sensitive gay guy.

Jeremy, aka Jeremy Metcalfe, was most certainly not sensitive, but was one of the more amusing housemates, especially when he was roleplaying. He seemed to think he was funnier than he really was, particularly when he made demeaning comments to the women before following them up with the obligatory "I'm joking". No, Jeremy, not funny. Still, sharing the same name and being a moping bastard, I felt a level of affinity for the guy.

John took the role of the most sensitive, serious housemate. The others thought he was a mole. John showed why he is Chairperson of the Scottish Youth Parliament with his mediating skills. I was glad to see him win, but I just wished he'd loosen up a bit.

Latoya was one of the quieter ones, and her constant headwear was annoying. Though it did mean we didn't have to see her bizarre hairstyle every day.

Ooh, there's a segue that I just can't go past. Winner of the bizarre hairstyle by a mile was Liam. A bit young to be starting a comb over one would have thought, but if he keeps up with the vigorous masturbation maybe his hair will fall out.

Nathan was rather 'meh' for me. Middle of the road and relatively unoffensive. Deserved his sixth placing.

Finally Victor. I had a go at him last time, and now I'm going to do it again. Sexist, rude arsehole. The way he reacted to Latoya and Jay's fake argument was pathetic and he thoroughly deserved to leave the house when he did.

Of the celebrities, I enjoyed Matt Lucas, Ian Wright, Alan Cumming, Kelly Osbourne, Russell Brand, Andy McNab (the hostage situation was brilliant), Chris Moyles, Roseanne Barr and Jimmy Carr. Jimmy's final stunt of placing the housemates in a particular order (of height as it turned out - not that the housemates worked this out) and making them guess what the order was, and then abandoning them was sheer genius.

John McCririck was rather disgusting. Peaches Geldof and co-hijacker were pathetic, as were the girls from Hollyoaks and All Saints. Malcolm McLaren was a filthy pervert.

There was a little too much interaction between the housemates and celebrities as well. After getting over the inital shock that the celebrities had conversations with the housemates who weren't in the diary room, and the bigger disappointment of the hijackers actually going in to the house, I began to enjoy that aspect (though The Giggling One did not share my enthusiasm).

However, some of the hijackers seemed particularly keen to share information from the outside world with the housemates, and that was really not on.

The negatives were far outweighed by the positives however, and seeing the lad from Basildon, Brian, re-enter the house for his brief cameo was right up there.

To the final question: Has this whet our appetite for BBUK Series 9? Hell yeah!

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