Monday, January 14, 2008

The world of games

I want to belong to that semi-cool (in my eyes at least) sub-culture that plays board games and card games regularly. I made a New Years resolution to play at least five new board/card games this year. I don't think that's altogether difficult. In fact I think it's quite reasonable.

The only thing is, very few of my friends are really into that sort of thing, and those that do have neither the time nor inclination. Yes, there's the semi-regular game of Settlers of Catan, but that's hardly new.

This desire to play games is fuelled by podcasts I've recently subscribed to: The Dice Tower, Boardgame Babylon, and The Spiel. Three podcasts was a bit of overkill though, so I've cut my listening habits (of game podcasts) down to just The Spiel. But even so, I get some sort of jealous pangs every time they mention a game.

Let me tell you another thing. Hobart sucks in game availabilityness (yes, that is a word - well it is now). There just isn't the market for it. I guess I'm going to have to trawl websites and ebay. Cos that's another thing - if I don't get these games myself and then annoy people until they play, it's going to make it harder.

Five games is just the start. I want to play lots more, but while there are the abovementioned barriers, along with work, my girlfriend, and computer games (ooh the time sink that is the Orange Box) I kind of get side tracked. Though I am getting a little tired of cake references in the gaming media.

More on the game quest as it develops.

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