Thursday, January 24, 2008

Giggles' Airport Game

I really don't know how this blog ended up morphing into an outlet for my current obsession with games. Not that it was something else to begin with, but I've wanted to try my hand at blogging for some time, and, well, it coincided with this sudden urge to play games.

I've liked games for years. I grew up in a family that likes games. Over the years I've played plenty of computer games, but the board game side of the ledger has been pretty empty. Which, in a round about way led me to come up with my own game creations.

I've created a number of silly little games as time has gone by, usually with the help of friends, and I'll blog about those too no doubt as time goes by. For now though, I'll kick off the whole Game Creations part of the blog with a game created not by me, but by The Giggling One. With my help of course.

Giggles' Airport Game, or GAG for short came into being at - you'll never guess this - an airport. I know! It's not a board game, but it could be called a "bored game" - you know, if you're waiting for your flight to be called and you're really bored. Or perhaps a "pre-board-ing game".

Tacky puns aside, it amused us to play this game while we were waiting at the airport to fly to Melbourne one day. The idea is that you take it in turns to choose an action that is going to, or is likely to occur, somewhere within your sight in the airport. You designate two possible outcomes of that action, making them as even as possible, and then the other player gets to choose which of the outcomes they think will occur. The person who designated the event takes the other option.

So, using examples of events we picked at the time, one person could say "The sex of the next person to walk up to the counter of the muffin bar", or "The next airline to land on the runway" (we only had two airlines servicing our airport at the time), or "The half of the eating area where the next person will sit", or "the first person to get up out of the two sitting at that table over there", or "the first person to spot us when The Giggling One's parents get here" (they were flying to Melbourne with us).

And so on. You get a point if you're right. Whoever has the most points by the time your flight is called, or you get sick of the game, wins. It's simple and fun and a good way to spend the time waiting for your plane. You don't have to pick all the events before you start either. You can just keep making them up as you go along.

I'd also better state that The Giggling One was the winner in that first game, or she'll not be pleased. The next time we fly anywhere, I plan to have my revenge. Goes without saying really doesn't it?

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