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Risk Legacy - Session Report - Game 6 (spoilers)

** Warning: This session report contains major spoilers for the sealed packages listed below. If you have any desire to play Risk Legacy in the future and don't want to be spoiled by the surprises it contains, then please read no further. **

Spoiler Checklist - New packages opened: 
> Pack 1 - Open when 9th Minor City founded.
> Pack 2 - Open when a player is eliminated.
> Pack 2 - Open when a person gets to sign the board a second time.
> Pocket 1 - Open as soon as 3 Missiles are used during the same combat roll.

Date: Saturday June 15, 2013
Location:  Rosny Children's Choir Hall, Bellerive

Draft Details:


  • Turn Order: 1st
  • Placement Order: 1st
  • Faction: Mutants
  • Starting Troops: 6
  • Starting Coin Cards: 0 


  • Turn Order: 2nd
  • Placement Order: 3rd
  • Faction: Imperial Balkania
  • Starting Troops: 10
  • Starting Coin Cards: 2

  • Turn Order: 3rd
  • Placement Order: 2nd
  • Faction: Die Mechaniker
  • Starting Troops: 8
  • Starting Coin Cards: 0


  • Turn Order: 4th
  • Placement Order: 4th
  • Faction: Saharan Republic
  • Starting Troops: 8
  • Starting Coin Cards: 1


  • Turn Order: 5th
  • Placement Order: 5th
  • Faction: Khan Industries
  • Starting Troops: 10
  • Starting Coin Cards: 1

The first, and most important thing of note, is the absence of Nathan from the draft details above. That is because our good friend Nathan returned to his home in Western Australia and can sadly no longer take part in our Risk Legacy campaign. Fear not, however, for Nathan has been replaced by Carl who, while having big shoes to fill, will no doubt carry Nathan's legacy with honour.

Nathan left us with one win under his belt, more than can be said for Trent, leaving him equal with Ben and Jeremy. Mark leads the way with two wins, and as Game 5 saw him become the first player to get a second win, we got to open a new secret pack.

This secret pack contained new events to add to the event deck and added Missions and Homelands.

Essentially, a mission is an extra challenge that rewards the player who completes it with a Red Star. At the end of a turn, a player who meets the criteria of a mission can either take the mission card reward (with a new mission then replacing it) or take a resource card.

Homelands are the continent in which a faction has started most often. If there is no one continent with more starts then that faction does not have a Homeland. Having a Homeland means that, when drawing a Territory card after a conquest, if a card from your Homeland is one of the four cards on display, you can take that card even if you do not currently control that territory.

For this game, Trent's Saharan Republic Homeland was South America, and Mark's Die Mechaniker Homeland was Asia.

Additionally, as Nathan's parting gift was the all out nuclear war in Game 5, the Mutants became a playable race in Game 6, and you may have already noticed they were drafted by Jeremy.

Initial Placement

Jeremy placed first and chose Indonesia. This not only allowed an easy conquest of Halitosia, including the fallout zone to which the Mutants are immune, but also prevented Mark from starting in the neighbouring Southeast Asia which housed his Major City Red Tide. As this was the Mutant factions first game, it also created a Mutant Homeland in Halitosia.

Mark's Die Mechaniker started in Don't Cry For Me, Argentina; Carl started in New Nate City, Eastern United States; Trent placed his HQ and eight starting troops in South Africa; while Ben chose to begin in Great Britain, creating a Homeland for Khan Industries in the process.

The first Mission card was then drawn. Called "Superior Infrastructure", one Red Star would go to the first player to control 6 or more cities.

Initial Placement
Round 1

The first round moves were predictable fare: Jeremy took all of Halitosia; Carl took Western United States and Central America; Mark took all of South America and lined his troops in "defensive" (read: "threatening") formations in Brazil and Venezuela; Trent decided to spread across the whole of Africa, placing four troops in North Africa to match the Brazilian threat; Ben (after placing a Mercenary scar in Russia (which meant whoever controlled Russia at the end of their turn would gain an extra troop in that territory (well, except the Mutants who lose a troop to Mercenaries (nested brackets FTW)))) expanded across the whole of Europe.

Despite this being a war, we can be magnanimous from time to time. We realised part way through Ben's first turn, that no one had explained Imperial Balkania's special expansion power (take a Resource card for expanding to 4 or more territories on one turn) to Carl. We therefore let him take extra territories in North America (he chose to take three more: Alberta, Ontario, and Eastern Canada) as part of his first turn.

End of Round 1
Round 2

Prior to the start of Round 2, Ben and Carl shook (literally) on a non-aggression pact between North America and Europe. This involved a certain amount of naivety on one player's behalf. I won't say who quite yet.

Jeremy finally benefitted from the continent naming bonus he was awarded for winning Game 2, and took three troops for controlling Halitosia at the start of his second turn instead of the regular two. He moved into Southeast Asia and India, losing troops to the resistances in each country.

Carl then completed his set of North American countries, before he ducked for cover hoping that his thinly spread troops would not be attacked. He was then reassured by Trent who reminded him that the name of the game was not "Careful Strategy Legacy".

Mark's idea of the game was more like "Let's Kill Trent Legacy". He began amassing troops one by one in Brazil, with Trent using ever more crass expletives as he watched on. The Red Tide did then cross the South Atlantic and mount an attack on North Africa, but not before Mark placed a Bunker in Brazil as an extra line of defence in case of repercussions.

With twice the numbers, and one of his two starting missiles thrown in for good measure, Mark's attack was successful without losing a single troop. Mark then decided that Ben's impending 5 troop bonus for holding Europe was just not on, and more blood was spilled in Southern Europe as Die Mechaniker took the territory then retreated to North Africa.

With his army in tatters, there was little Trent could do (other than be majorly pissed off). He decided to get an easy Resource card, and took care of Mark's single troop in Southern Europe. But that wasn't enough for Trent. In a mood what one might charitably describe as "on tilt", Trent launched a two troop revenge attack on Mark's six troops in North Africa. It was a short lived battle for the attackers I'm afraid, which also describes the status of those Saharan troops - the victims of their commander's lunacy.

Finally in Round 2, Ben lost no time in recovering ownership of Southern Europe before he too tried to put a dent in Mark's army in North Africa. The red army were well dug in however, despite an ammo shortage, and saw off the attack without loss.

End of Round 2
Round 3

The Mutants scouted northward into colder climes, sending a few troops via China into the bunkered city of Gulag, Siberia.

Imperial Balkania, perhaps hearing rumours of strange glowing creatures and seeking to investigate, also sought the subarctic lands of northern Asia and crossed the Bering Strait into Kamchatka.

Die Mechaniker were starting to get worried at the recruiting power of Imperial Balkania (currently 10). Even as the ink still dried on an earlier negotiated peace treaty between the two factions, Mark reneged on the deal and sent his Venezuelan contingent into battle in Central America...and won, leaving Carl somewhat (read: "very") peeved.

Trent was up next, and leading with the words "F*** you, it's personal", launched another attack on Mark's Mechanikerians in North Africa. Personal it may have been, but it lasted only one roll of the dice and the loss of two Saharans. Trent managed to see the futility of continuing and called it quits...for now.

Khan Industries managed to recruit a handy dandy 9 troops to commence Ben's third turn. Ben then sought to achieve what Trent had failed to do, and what he himself had failed to do on his last turn, attacked North Africa, and succeeded. Trent was rather pleased by this. Ben ended his turn, and the round, with his bonus Mercenary recruit in Russia.

Round 4

Jeremy decided it was time for the Mutants to taste battle. He moved into Afghanistan and launched an attack on Ben in Europe. He succeeded in conquering the region, removing Ben's Europe bonus, then manoeuvred all but one troop back to Vindaloo - leaving that solitary Mutant to die due to the Mercenary scar.

Carl traded in cards totalling 5 coins, adding 10 troops to his 5 normal recruits. All 15 troops were placed in Western United States and Imperial Balkania headed back into Central America with revenge at the top of their to-do list. Both factions played a missile during the battle, with the Balkanians ultimately winning.

With Trent imploring Carl to keep going, the purple army continued their attacks into South America. He added Venezuela to his tally then um'd and ah'd about whether continuing into Peru would leave him too thin to defend North America. He decided to attack, but after losing one troop to Die Mechaniker called it off.

Mark was now left with only three territories: Brazil, Peru, and Argentina, each with only one troop. He traded in 3 coins giving him 7 new red troops in Peru then took back Venezuela without the loss of life, and split his army between there and Brazil.

The Saharan Republic was up next. Trent activated their start-of-turn manoeuvre and finally took control of North Africa - from Khan Industries - once more.

With an even number of coins appearing on the next card drawn from the Territory deck, the game's first event was triggered: If no human faction has a continent bonus, the Mutant faction collects one Red Star token. Unfortunately for Jeremy, Carl controlled North America and Trent controlled Africa, so no star for the Mutants.

Europe came fully under the control of Khan Industries during Ben's fourth turn. He collected a card for killing the lone Mutant in Afghanistan, and that was that.

Round 5

The Mutants were continuing to play a relatively quiet game. Jeremy assured himself an easy card by defeating Carl in Irkutsk and then moved one troop into the empty Yakutsk in order to claim the two-coin Yakutsk Territory card.

Carl's Imperial Balkania managed to recruit 10 troops. They all went straight into battle after being deployed in Central America. Venezuela was, of course, the target. Despite the ammo shortage, Die Mechaniker put up a great defence. Two consecutive 6's gave the last red troop a temporary stay of execution before he was finally overrun.

Despite having the numbers to wipe Die Mechaniker from the map, Carl played it cautious once again and withdrew to the bunkered safety of Central America. This left Mark to reclaim Venezuela and hang on...for now.

The hanging on was looking ever more tenuous as Trent then brought the Saharan Republic into Brazil aided by a missile launched from Europe by Khan Industries.

With the continental bonus for Europe taking effect once again, Khan Industries had the luxury of spreading their recruits all over Europe. Ben took the easy option for a card by dispatching the lone Mutant in China, moved one troop into the Middle East, and Round 5 was over.

End of Round 5
Note the Mutant HQ in Indonesia that Jeremy forgot to place at the start of the game!
Round 6

Round 6 kicked off with the Mutants reclaiming China from Khan Industries and taking Mongolia from Imperial Balkania. Jeremy considered taking two more territories off Carl to deprive the purple army of a recruit on Carl's next turn, but Kamchatka was too well defended, and the Mutants remained where they were.

An Event card was triggered at the end of Jeremy's turn, and once again it was the event that would give the Mutants a Rd Star token if no human faction held a continental bonus. Also once again, it wasn't to be for Jeremy, with three of his four opponents holding continents.

For the third straight turn, Imperial Balkania attacked Venezuela from Central America. Once again Carl was victorious. Once again, Carl's lack of temerity caused him to consider halting the attack there.

If it had not been for the urging of Mark and Trent, the two people who had the most to lose from Carl attacking further, Imperial Balkania may well have stopped to have a cup of tea and a biscuit and decide that the weather was looking a wee bit overcast and perhaps today wasn't the best day to be out on the battlefield getting cold and muddy. As it was, however, Carl was convinced into pursuing the South American continental bonus - not to mention the star for controlling the Die Mechaniker HQ in Don't Cry For Me, Argentina. He safely won the battle for Jezeru, Peru but hit a stumbling block when the +1 defensive bonus provided by Mark's HQ proved to be enough for the single, solitary, lone red troop to be the hero for three rolls...until a missile blew the little bugger to smithereens.

Die Mechaniker were finally wiped from the board, and with Mark knocked out, Carl took possession of his Resource cards. Despite not now having the numbers to conquer Brazil, it had still been a good turn for Carl. The turn got even better when he ended his turn in control of six cites: Brass Monkey (Alaska), Nimbin (Greenland), B.F.I. (Western United States), New Nate City (Eastern United States), Jezeru (Peru), and Don't Cry For Me (Argentina). This meant he fulfilled the criteria for the Superior Infrastructure mission, and he was awarded with a Red Star, taking his tally to three.

The new Mission Card was then revealed: Amphibious Onslaught: Conquer 4+ territories over sea lines this turn. The reward was one Red Star token.

With no empty territories remaining on the board, Mark was officially eliminated, so Trent was next up. He led the Saharan Republic into Argentina and became the third owner of the former Die Mechaniker HQ in as many turns. Peru and Venezuela also fell to the Saharans giving Trent full control of South America.

An evil cackle from Trent then sent an ominous warning to the other players as he perused the new Event Card triggered at the end of his turn. "Fallout," he read gleefully, "Roll one dice for each territory connected to the Fallout Territory by land and remove that many troops from it."

With only Western Australia connected to the irradiated Eastern Australia, only one territory could be affected. Unfortunately for Trent however, the Mutant faction is immune to Mutant Event cards, and wouldn't you know it, this was a Mutant Event card and Western Australia was home to a Mutant. So no joy after all for Trent. Summarises his entire Risk Legacy experience so far really.

The excitement of Round 6 grew even more when Ben signalled his intentions for Khan Industries at the start of his turn. He traded four cards for a Red Star and the rest of his cards to claim an extra 4 recruits. With 13 new troops, Ben apologised to Carl and then invaded North America.

With the Amphibious Onslaught mission up for grabs, and four juicy sea lines connected to Greenland, Khan Industries had one thing on its mind: victory. With two Red Stars already in its possession, only two more were needed. The mission would provide one, and a poorly defended Imperial Balkanian HQ would provide the other.

To be fair, Carl learned a very important lesson: even if you have a non-aggression pact between two territories, leaving just two troops on your side of the border is not a good idea. Ben rolled his way into Greenland. Northwest Territory was the next to fall, followed by Ontario.

Just Eastern Canada stood between Ben and the Mission card. It looked like a done deal until a sterling defence by the final purple troop kept the territory in the hands of Imperial Balkania.

All was not lost for Ben however, and Plan B came into action. He mobilised his troops in Western Europe and conquered North Africa followed by Brazil, and the Mission card was his.

The win was now just one successful attack away, and the beleaguered Die Mechaniker HQ was the location for the final battle. One roll later and Trent's Saharans were vanquished and Ben was crowned the winner of Game 6.

End of Round 6 - the Final Board

For winning the game and joining Mark as a two time winner, Ben chose to found the Major City of Diddly Dee Potatoes in Great Britain. For holding on, Jeremy, Carl and Trent placed extra resource stickers on Western United States, Eastern Canada, and Afghanistan respectively (and yes, two of those were placed incorrectly, but in Jeremy's defence he simply saw the word "Western" and thought he was adding a coin to Western Australia; no such excuse for Trent, but then no one else picked up on the error either).


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